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David Rock Nelson Monster Movies: “Vol. 1 Monster Movies”(1991-’93), “Vol. 2 Monster Movies” 1992(“Werewolf vs. Dracula”, “Dracula From Space”, “The Giant Fly”), “Conrad Brooks Vs. Werewolf”(1993), “MUMMY A.D. 1993” & “SON of Werewolf”(1993)! “VAMPIRE Woman”(1996)! “The Devil Ant”(1999), “Frankenstein STalks”(2000)! “Miss Werewolf”(2001), “PUMPKINMAN”(2004), “Demon Monster From Outer Space”(2005), “Werewolf & The Witch”(2007, sequel to “Conrad Brooks Vs. Werewolf”), “The Giant Horny Toad Monster”(2011) & “The FISHMAN”(2015)! Plus “David Rock Nelson ROCKS Monster BASH”(specify which year)!
Each dvd is $20.(except the 2-part, 2-disk “VampirE Woman” which is $35.) plus $2. postage 1st dvd, $1. each additional dvd.

MUMMY Rock Nelson

To order, send a m.o. or check for total payable to: DAVID NELSON & mail to his mailing address at:
DAVID ROCK NELSON  -c/o “DAVID ROCK NELSON MONSTER MOVIES”!  1170 Howard Ave. -Des Plaines, IL. -60018.  Allow 2 wks. deliv.