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Hi everyone! I am very excited about my new, official website here, which I put on the World Wide web for the very 1st time just last weekend! Exactly 2 weeks ago, on Fri. Oct. 30th, 2015, I made my BIG “19th” annual appearance on “WGN Morning News on WGN-TV with a preview of my upcoming Fun “Monster”-cemedy hoot(Hit?!), “Devil Ant 3: SON of Devil Ant”! Here is that segment, for you & your “Fiends”(Friends) to enjoy! “Happy, Fun Friday-The-13th” & Beyond! But, then, to me, every Friday is “FRANKENSTEIN” Friday! Your “FIEND”(Friend), David Rock Nelson, B-“Monster” Moviemaker/actor 24-plus years(as of exactly 3 weeks ago)! Note: I began video-taping & acting in these Fun shot-on-video(now on dvd) “Monster” movies on Oct. 23rd, 1991, at an abandoned, “Haunted” house in Chicago, where a “fiend”, Mike Johnson played Frankenstein’s Monster & I played Dracula, for my Vol. 1 Monster movies(now available on dvd).

David Rock Nelson’s BIG 19th Monster Movie on WGN!